About Us

Welcome to Odinblades, where you will find a series of swords and knives unlike any other. From the Guardian with its etched blade, double-ring guard and leather-wrapped woodcore handle to the mighty 72-inch Zweihander, each blade is forged in house to bring your dreams to life in steel.

When you look at an Odin, you're guaranteed to find:

  • A blade forged for stage combat and full contact use or cutting
  • All hand made parts with unparalleled options for customization
  • 5160 alloy or any other spring or tool steel of choice
  • And, most importantly, a truly unique piece of art.

Some of the swords pictured on the website are unique designs by customers and cannot be exactly duplicated. Please call and we can talk about a custom sword project for you.

John D. Lundemo
"And then there was steel"

E-mail: odinblades@aol.com
Phone: (845) 355-2968